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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



Recrument Information

Edogawa-key, Tokyo

Location Edogawa-key, Tokyo
Position name technology/quality section chief
Job descriptions technical and quality support for DC stabilized power supply production and marketing
Main business content
(1)Technical support
・ Specification revision management and review
・ Technical verification
・ Customer technology corresponding
(2) Quality support
・ Market defect analysis
・ Defect analysis report preparation and evaluation
・ Customer quality response
(3) Safety specification management
・ Safety specification verification
・ Safety specification application approval and maintenance management
① Necessary skills
・ Know movements, structure and reliability of electronic products.
・ Know principles and movements of switch power supply
・ Know manufacture and production technology
・ Know domestic and overseas safety specifications
・ Know quality technology
② Experience
・ Candidates with experience in switch power supply design or test adjustment
③ Personality
・ Energetic and cheerful
④ Education
・ At least college graduates
  • ①Annual income: interview (based on experience, position, etc.)
  • ②Monthly income: interview (base salary others mode)
  • ③Subsidy: transportation fee, overtime pay, position subsidy, etc.
  • ④Bonus: available
  • ⑤Annual holidays: 120 days
  • ⑥Paid leave: 10-20 days
  • ⑦Social security: heath, health annuity, employment and labor compensation
  • ⑧Pension system: available
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Guangdong Province, China

Location Guangdong Province, China
Position name Quality Assurance Department Technology Section Chief
Job descriptions Use various technology available and quality control ways to improve quality
Main business content
(1)Improve the quality of part suppliers
・Transformer, DC flexible wire, substrate, IC, transistor, box, label
(2)Improve the quality of our factory's production lines
・Improve welding quality and promote production reform activities
(3)Complaint handling
・Defect analysis business guidance and report reference
①Necesary skills
・Be familiar with FMEA and FTA
・Be familiar with chip support and welding technology
・Know analogue IC (especially switch power supply)
・Know mould technology
・Understand mechanical drawings
・Candidates with statistics and quality background preferred
② Experience
・Longer than five-year experience in quality control or quality assurance in one company
③ Personality
・Energetic and cheerful
④ 4.Education
・At least college graduates
  • ① Annual income: interview (based on experience, position, etc.)
  • ② Monthly income: interview (base salary+others mode)
  • ③ Subsidy: temporary repatriation expense subsidy and accommodation provided
  • ④ Bonus: available
  • ⑤ Annual holidays: subject to local holidays
  • ⑥ Paid leave: temporary repatriation system
  • ⑦ Social security: overseas medical treatment services
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