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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



Customization Example3:AC Adapter Design Customization

We can create a custom design in whatever style the customer wants, to turn your idea into reality.
“I want to make my AC adapter an original design…”


About Original Designs

We get a lot of requests from customers saying that they want an original AC adapter design for the product.
At Unifive, our products are made to order, and each aspect of the model is semi-customizable, so we can accept those requests to the best of our ability.

Of course, depending on the circumstances there may be certain conditions attached, but even taking that into account, nearly all of our customers are satisfied with the final result, and we can realize a wide range and number of original designs.

However, AC adapters must meet a safety standard that varies based on what the machine will be used for, so we have to create one that can pass those standards.

From Unifive’s design perspective, the most important aspect of an AC adapter is safety rather than price or appearance, so the design must always come second to that. We’ll combine this “safety first” aspect with the customer’s request to create an original design.

The challenge in creating an original design is not just the product’s appearance; as written above, other risks can be created sometimes, so there are a lot of cases where we will consult with the customer to eliminate these risks, and give the original design more practicality based on their feedback.


AC Adapter Original Design Examples

Example 1 – We want an interior goods style design.

At Company A, the design of their products was the most important aspect. In order to perfectly tailor their product to the customer’s image, and also to fulfill the safety requirements, they told us they wanted a product design including the AC adapter.

Regarding the interior circuit board, we contacted the customer about the distance mandated by the safety regulations and space, and worked with them to develop a design for the AC adapter’s appearance, outline, and the handle for the unique DC plug with protection for incorrect insertions.

In this example, we had them pay for the parts produced through die casting, such as the outline of the case or the DC plug’s tree sap handles, the safety testing fee, and the design development fee, but they were able to package a completely unique AC adapter, different from any other type in the world, with their product, so they were very satisfied.

Example 2 – We want color variation in the AC adapter.

The customer was a certain household appliance manufacturer, and the appliances they produce are all white, so they asked us “Can you make the Unifive AC adapter we’ll use and the DC cord in white?” They also said they had some gray products, so they wanted us to create 2 types, gray and white.

By creating a colorant to mix with the sap for the outside of the product, we managed to maintain its non-flammability, and we carried out the same process on the DC cord, so we changed the colorant while still using the same non-flammable material, which made it possible to change the color on the two parts.

Example 3 – We want an original design for our products’ packaging (individual packaging).

In appliance retailers, there are a lot of companies selling AC adapters in various voltages (12V, 24V, etc.) for portable chargers. The customer who is selling these 12V/24V charger AC adapters told us that they need to change the design of the individual packaging for the AC adapters to sell them at retailers. (For the customer, who sells chargers, the blister packs and the cards in them have a big effect on the product’s sales).

The customer designed the blister pack and packaging (the plastic individual packages, and the cards to put inside them), and we prepared the mold for the cards and the individual plastic cases, customizing it for them.

As a result, our customer was able to release their product to the market with the design they’d hoped for, and they were very satisfied.