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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



Customization Example2:AC Adapter Surge Noise Protection

We will make sure your AC adapter has surge/noise protection. We can offer many different kinds of verification to ensure that it works.

How We Protect Against Electrical Surges

What is an Electrical Surge?

If lightning strikes near a building, there is a chance of it causing a voltage spike in power lines nearby.

This voltage spike is what is commonly known as a “power surge.” The voltage spike that is created can travel through the power lines and reach all the way to the power outlets in your house. When this happens, electrical appliances unable to deal with the high voltage can be destroyed or stop working.

In order to prevent this kind of damage to appliances from power surges, Unifive can accurately respond to various custom requests by the customer.

Our Custom Surge Protection

AC adapters usually have the IEC6100-4-5 Level 2 or 3 warranty to cover power surges, but according to the customer’s wishes, for instance if they’re looking for a 10kV product, or depending on the industry, there are cases where high surge protection is desired.

The test standards for power surges range from general ones set by organizations like the IEC or JEC, to specialized standards like the ITU-T, set by the communications industry, so there are a lot of different types of test standards.

We have a lot of examples where we’ve responded to customization requests from customers in various industries, who make products such as domestic appliances or telecommunications equipment/CATV-related machinery, where the AC adapter breaking due to a power surge would be a large problem. However, when you physically make it, if it’s attached to a machine then things like the secondary side’s grounding requirements vary depending on the machine, and the surge-entry paths also vary, so when customizing it’s important to pay attention to differences like this between machines. Furthermore, a power surge is not something where you can just say “It just has to survive.”

This is because damage to the AC adapter from a power surge might cause it to malfunction and not turn off at the right time, and after staying on it may do something dangerous like starting to smoke or catching fire, so to prevent a second disaster, this must be considered in the planning stages.

For this reason, our custom surge protection is often dealt with by working together with the customer. At Unifive, we can offer a wide variety of AC adapters.

In a common example of this customization, we usually suggest “Modify,” where we add parts like varistors and surge arresters to the base circuit board for Unifive AC adapters, but we’ve performed many different modifications, such as customizing the circuit board itself.

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