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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



AC Adapter / Switching Regulator Custom Support Case Examples

Are you truly satisfied with the electronics you are using at your company? Below we have included a series of typical questions and issues that we often hear from our clients.

・Since this is a new project, I don’t know how much we can sell, but it does have some unique specs.
・Would it possible to receive customized AC adapter-type parts?
・Is there an internal power supply that we can have built into this empty space?
・How many MOQ’s are there?
・This company has very strict standards, so maybe we won’t be able to use this?
・What kind of AC adapter and switching regulator should be used for this product? Is there no compatibility?
・What sort of safety standards are required?
・I would like to plan a cost reduction for an existing product, but how can I go about that?
・Even if we make a custom request, I’m worried that the initial costs will be enormous.
・Since AC adapter companies have so many overseas business agencies, I doubt that our one little request will reach them.
・We need to change the cable, but is that even possible?

Whatever the reason, when it comes to utilizing AC adapters and switching regulators, there are many customers who have doubts about their equipment, hesitate to use it, and are generally unsatisfied with the products they are using.

While standardized products and parts are becoming more common, the demands of the market and the customer are leaning towards more varieties with smaller amounts, and the standards and characteristics of their requests are becoming increasingly complicated. As a result, we feel that there are more and more instances of existing products having issues with compatibility.
At our company, we handle all manner of requests that are compatible with the client’s various tools and machinery, whether it is on safety standards, design, electrical characteristics, environmental standards, or efficiency standards. Although we are constantly updating standardized AC adapter and switch regulator products, we are always able to undertake customization jobs that conform to the needs of the client.

As a result, the total number of equipment types we receive requests and produce samples for in one year is approximately 1,500, and in the course of a year we ship roughly 15,000 of these as sample products. (This is based off our achievement records for 2016.)

Please refer to the following link for case examples and explanations of the abovementioned customized AC adapters and switching regulators created in response to typical client needs.