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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



Company Profile

Company History

1989.12 EstablsihUNIFIVE in Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
with registered capital 5 million Yen
1990.12 Relocated in KASAI,EDOGAWA-KU,TOKYO
1995.04 Newly establish overseas business division
1995.07 Increase registered capital to 20 million Yen
1996.10 Newly establish power supply business division
1998.10 Newly establish Taiwan UNIFIVE Technology
2001.02 Newly establish China factory
2002.11 Newly establish USA legal person
2003.13 Newly establish South Korea UNIFIVE
2010.01 Newly establish the 2nd factory in China
2010.01 Increase registered capital to 35 million Yen