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Open frame switch power supply
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The 5 section of CNS15663, the 「Be contained mark」 declaration is applicable to all of our products.

We can respond to various standards. Please check the specifications of the individual models for more information.



AC contactor & switch power supply

AC contactor & switch power supply

Unifive Company Ltd., specializes in engineering and manufacturing Miniature Switching Power Supplies. Our Switching AC/DC Adapters and Switching Open Frame Power Supplies are produced in our factory in Shenzhen, China.

Established in Tokyo in 1989, Unifive has expanded to serve businesses worldwide through our offices in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.


Main Products
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LED Driver(IEC61347)

AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950)

Open Frame Switching Power Supply(IEC60950;60065)

Medical use AC/DC Adapter(IEC60601)

AC Pin Intercharngeable AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950;60065)

DC/DC power supply (for automobiles)

USB AC/DC Adapter & Car USB Charger(IEC60950)

Industrial power(IEC60950)